Thursday, April 23, 2009


Switzerland is a beautiful alpine country in central Europe.

The safety, security, and scenic beauty of the country for walking, hiking, and skiing, give it a strong and robust tourism sector.

Goethe summed up Switzerland eloquently as a combination of 'the colossal and the well-ordered'. You can be sure that your trains will be on time. The tidy precision of Swiss towns is tempered by the majestic splendors of the landscapes that surround them.
Must See Places in Switzerland before die
These places to visit in Switzerland it is hard to list them all. But if you get the chance, here are some of the places that you should not miss. Even if you have to come back (and you will want to, again and again) make an effort to see these beautiful places.
One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Zürich is a favorite tourist destination. When you visit the city, make sure to take a tour of the Grossmeunster church, a magnificent example of the Romanesque architectural style. Do yourself a favor and walk up the steps up to the top of one of the spires for a breathtaking view of the old city, and Lake Zürich. Speaking of the lake, another thing you must do while in Zürich is take a cruise on Lake Zürich. You have several options in types of boats, and each will give you an unforgettable experience. From Buerkliplatz tours leave every half an hour. I recommend the paddleboat tours myself.
Travelling west from Zürich you will reach Bern, the city of clocks. It is imperative that while in Bern you take some time and visit the beautiful clocks such as Zytglogge. You will not be disappointed, especially if you are there to witness the display of marching mechanical figures that begins 4 minutes before the hour. Another thing that Bern is known for is fountains. Take a stroll through the city and visit these intricate pieces of art. If you are interested in wildlife, make sure to visit the Bear Pit near the Nydeggbrucke bridge.


Roberto said...

*sigh* I so want to go to Switzerland. My friend went to Bern and I was so jealous. One day.....

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