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Must see for Much Knowledge

As you reach the western edge of Switzerland you will encounter Geneva. While in this spectacular city, make sure to visit the mausoleum of the Duke of Brunswick. It is one of the most beautifully ornate monuments in Europe and is located on the Quai de Mont Blanc on the Square des Alpes. Although technically in France, Genevan's mountain is a must see for anyone visiting Geneva. Take the Mont Salve cable car to the summit and you will have an unforgettable view awaiting you.
For the romantic in all of us, take a walk out along the Pont des Berges to Ile Rousseau, and have lunch at the pavilion there. If you like the outdoors you might consider taking some time to swim at Les Bains des Paquis. Another little restaurant I enjoy is nearby, the Buvette des Bains. Are you interested in chess, perhaps? Then spend an afternoon at the Parc des Bastions and participate in a live chess tournament on a massive scale.
As you tour through Switzerland, take a trip to the mountain town of Interlaken. The mountain is the main attraction here, and thousands come to see Jungfraujoch each year. Take the railroad up the mountain for an extraordinary view while you travel, but beware this is the most expensive train ride in Switzerland. When you get on board you will agree it is worth the cost. Inside Jungfraujoch mountain, make sure to visit the Ice Palace, an entire interior structure sculpted of frozen water. Bring a jacket for your tour though, it's very cold! While up on the mountain take the ten minute trek out the Sphinx Observatory and take a tour to see the latest in astronomical observations made in Switzerland. For one of the best views available of the Swiss countryside be sure to visit Schilthorn, a mountain observation area that allows you to see much of the country surrounding it.
Lucerne is the second-most popular destination for tourists visiting Switzerland. Lucerne itself is surrounded by water, since not only does it sit on Lake Lucerne, but it also is split in two by the River Reuss. All along the river you will find elegant bridges, the most beautiful of which is KapellbrĊ¸cke, the Chapel Bridge. I recommend seeing this spectacular bridge along with your camera, since you will be able to take some great photographs.
Lucerne at its heart is a medieval city, and still retains much of its buildings from that era. Explore the Old Town of Lucerne and you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. My favorite place in Lucerne is the Lowendenkmal, the Sleeping Lion. This monument to Swiss bravery in the service of the French royal family is carved right into the rock face. It is a solemn reminder of those that died protecting King Louis XIV, and isn't far from Hofkirche.
The Hofkirche is considered by some to be the most beautiful renaissance church in Switzerland. Right behind the church is a lovely little neighborhood that looks like it has been plucked out of the Swiss countryside and plopped into the city proper. Before leaving the city make sure to take the walk up the hill to Chateau Gutsch, a recently closed hotel. From the terrace there you will be able to fully view the breathtaking expanse of Lake Lucerne.
The center for the Italian culture in Switzerland, Lugano is a lovely place to sky and sight see. The architecture of the city is reminiscent of Venice or Rome. An excellent example of this is the Piazza Riforma, the center plaza in town. If you go on a Tuesday or a Friday you will able to experience the open air farmer's market as the local farmers sell their produce in the square. The best way to see the city is from the train known as "La freccia rossa." Starting at the Piazza Manzoni this round trip journey takes 40 minutes and circles the entire city, a distance of about ten kilometers. With your ticket you can get on and off the train in order to see the sights in town, or take the trip without stopping. Either way you will have an excellent view of this marvelous city.
For a lovely view of the lake take a stroll through the Parco Civico Villa Ciani planted in the Italian style. The sunniest place in Switzerland is Monte Bre, accessible by a funicular train up the slope. For a lovely view of Lugano I recommend taking the train up to San Salvatore and having lunch with the valley below you. There are several lovely trails for running and hiking in this area as well.


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